Theme on emily dickinson essay

Theme on Emily Dickinson Anthony J.

Theme on emily dickinson essay

One often used topic is that of death. The theme of death has been approached in many different ways.

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Emily Dickinson is one of the numerous poets who uses death as the subject of several of her poems. In her poem "Because I Could Not Stop for Death," death is portrayed as a gentleman who comes to give the speaker a ride to eternity.

Theme on emily dickinson essay

Throughout the poem, Dickinson develops her unusual interpretation of death and, by doing so, composes a Theme on emily dickinson essay full of imagery that is both unique and thought provoking. The precise form that Dickinson uses throughout "Because" helps convey her message to the reader.

The poem is written in five quatrains. The way in which each stanza is written in a quatrain gives the poem unity and makes it easy to read. The poem seems to get faster and faster as life goes through its course.

Another way in which Dickinson uses the form of the poem to convey a message to the reader occurs on line four as she writes, "And Immortality.

Perhaps the most notable way in which Dickinson uses form is when she ends the poem with a dash. Judith Farr believes that the dash seems to indicate that the poem is never ending, just as eternity is never ending Figurative language is one of the literary elements that Dickinson uses to help convey hidden messages to the reader.

Alliteration is used several times throughout the poem. An example of alliteration occurs in lines 9 through Bettina Knapp states that, "the alliterations The first instance of repetition occurs in lines 9, 11, and 12 as she writes, "We passed" three times.


The speaker in the poem is passing through everything that she has already lived through, thus giving the reader a sense of life going by.

Another instance of repetition occurs in the fourth stanza. Dickinson repeats the word "ground" in lines 18 and 20 to help remind the reader that she is describing a grave, not a house.

Figurative language is also used as Dickinson creates two instances of perfect rhyme. The first time perfect rhyme is used is in lines 2 and 4 with the rhyming of the words "me" and "immortality.

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Another literary element that Dickinson uses in her poem is tone, which is used to help create the general mood of the poem. It is interesting to note that her tone in regards to death contrasts with that of her time period.

Society in the s viewed death as being morbid and evil. Dickinson, on the other hand, made death into being pleasant. She portrays death as being a kind gentleman, perhaps even a suitor, who is taking her out for a ride in a carriage.

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The imagery in "Because" assists in the creation of a pleasant tone. Dickinson describes children playing, which also gives the poem a more affable mood.

Another way in which Dickinson makes death a more agreeable subject for the reader is in the fifth quatrain as she compares the grave to a house. In line 17, she writes, "We paused before a House.

However, as Dickinson goes on to write in line 18, "A Swelling of the Ground-," the reader is reminded that it is actually a grave that she is being taken to.Free theme of death papers, essays, and research papers.

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Emily Dickinson. Biography of Emily Dickinson and a searchable collection of works. Anthony J. Buchanan English MWF, Theme #3. Oct. 25, Poems of Emily Dickinson. Thesis of my paper that I am trying to prove to the reader is that Emily Dickinson is a brilliant extraordinary writer.

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