Meru cabs+business plan

Obtaining permits as per the provisions of Motor Vehicle, Act Section 66 Section 66 in the Motor Vehicle Act, makes it compulsory for the owner of a transport vehicle, whether it is transporting goods or people, to obtain a permit from the Regional or State Transport Authority. Both driver of the vehicle and owner can be held liable and be punished under Section A of the Motor Vehicle Act if the vehicle is operated as a transport vehicle without obtaining a permit. The authority can decide through this permit the specific routes or roads on which the taxi may ply, the maximum number of passengers and luggage that may be loaded to the taxi, specific rates or fares that may be charged, provision of a taximeter in the taxi, etc.

Meru cabs+business plan

According to the reportsMeru Cabs is planning to double its B2B offerings and offer corporate employee transportation, car rentals and airport contracts.

meru cabs+business plan

We are looking at a three-year time frame where the model will shift from a B2C business to a B2B business. Eventually, it will keep on growing much faster than B2C for us. Also, to address cost efficiencies, Meru is working to increase its fleet four times to about meru cabs+business plan over the next five years for its B2B model and also serve its B2C customers.

The company had r ecently revived itself through marketplace model and enabled its enrolled drivers to set dynamic fares in a bid to attract more customers. Using this feature in the Meru Cabs app, exact fares were confirmed at the time of booking the cab. The total fare was equal to or lower than the fares prescribed by State Transport Authority, for the respective travel route and time.

Ola, Uber Face Off With Drivers The major players in the space, Ola and Uber have been strengthening their foothold in the space, but at the same time facing the ire of their driver fleet as well.

In March, both the companies faced troubles from their drivers over their revenues, during which a clutch of drivers were arrested by Mumbai Police as they did not have the requisite permissions to conduct the protest.

To call off the strikeOla said the company will look into the issues within 15 to 20 days as per the company policy, and also requested for details of cab drivers which claimed that company had terminated their agreements. Recently, Ola also realised its international expansion plans as its services became operational in Sydney, while a pilot project continues in Perth.

Meru Cabs clocked ₹ crore in revenues in FY16, growing 11 per cent from a year ago, the ET report said citing documents filed with the Registrar of Companies and sourced from business . Sep 08,  · Subhashis, Meru's service in Bangalore has become terrible, to put it mildly. There's no way of finding out if the experience you had is a regular scam. I used to use them often, but didn't face the same problem as you - I usually had cabs turning up late, bad vehicles, unprofessional drivers etc. Further he added that if you want to attach your car to Uber then find a good hard working driver and pay him monthly salary of + pay him bonus if he completes more than 12 rides in one day.

This, as per the complainant, was distorting the market, thus affecting the growth of other companies in the space. Prior to this, in Decemberthe company issued complaints against Uber, alleging that global ride-sharing startup was following predatory pricing to increase its market share.

In the cab-hailing market, mostly dominated by Ola and Uber, it is to be seen whether focusing on B2B business can make Meru Cabs sustain its position in the Indian cab hailing market in long-term Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously.

More information about it can be found here.A senior executive of domestic taxi operator Meru Cabs alleged that SoftBank’s investment in Uber was a clear indication that this was a case of monopolies being funded.

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Sep 28,  · The cab services company is tweaking its business model and services to come out of the red. Meru Cabs, launched in , has everything going for it: .

meru cabs+business plan

Meru Cabs, Marathahalli, bangalore verified, Reviews, Contact, Phone Number and maps Location – Plan Your Wedding. Oct 29,  · MUMBAI NEWZ Ola Uber Car Owners Merged in Meru Cabs 29th October Maharashtra News.

Meru cabs coupons are deployed regularly, mostly on a daily or a periodical basis to be used by the travellers to get best discounts on the tariff and save money in the process.

Anyone can order a Meru cab using the app in less than 5 minutes or by using the contact number given for the city. Further he added that if you want to attach your car to Uber then find a good hard working driver and pay him monthly salary of + pay him bonus if he completes more than 12 rides in one day.

Meru Cabs targets Rs crore revenue in - The Financial Express