Honor killing research paper

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Honor killing research paper

Page 1 of 7 Honor Killings One of the most violent and controversial acts in the world today are honor killings. Honor killings are the premeditated murder of a relative, usually a young woman, who has allegedly dishonored her family.

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Honor killings often occur in communities that stress an importance on reputation which is most often seen in Muslim and Hindu communities. The reasons for dishonor vary throughout different locations and cultures around the world.

For instance, reasons for honor killing in countries with a large Muslim population can occur when a woman is refusing an arranged marriage, seeking a divorce, or simply for potentially being involved in suspicious and dishonorable behavior. Honor killings are not specifically found in only Muslim communities, but it is where the majority of honor killings occur.

Other communities also believe in honor killings like in Hindu tradition but it is not as common. Reasons for honor killings according to Hindu law and tradition are that an honor killing can occur if the woman marries or has romantic involvement with someone of another caste.

It is believed that if a woman does any of these things it is seen as a dishonor to her family and it effects not just the young woman but family members as well.

Honor killing research paper

Since honor killings are violent acts that are seen as inhumane in our eyes, should we try to get a thick description of the act?

The reality is that judging the people who take part in honor killings and believe in them does not help to stop them.

In Pakistan, divided views on ‘honor killing’ of women

If we understand what the people are thinking and going through, then we might be able to find a way to help them come to the realization that it wrong. It is also very important for people to understand that while it is wrong, we have to realize that it is a part of the reality of their culture and have to be respectful in how we go about it and make sure it is not condescending.

This does not mean that it is being condoned or accepted but it is a different way to approach the topic of honor killings. People are more likely to listen if they feel it is coming from someone who is who is not trying to take away from their culture, but enhance it in such a way that ends a very violent practice.

Gender based violence against women is one of the most controversial forms of violence in our world today. Honor killings are one of the many forms of gender based violence against women.

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Within the Bible, in Numbers These are just a few of the earliest forms of honor killings that we know of and while some tried to stop them they were unsuccessful as they are still occurring today.

To have honor is believed to be a balance of having good virtues and reputation. Honor is seen as a reflection of the family as a whole, making the decisions of the child all that more important. Keeping the families honor is done through moral goodness, high mindedness, and obedience.

Achieving honor is done so by doing what one is told to do, whether it is who they are to marry or following the life path that is decided by the family and society.

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Women are expected to maintain their own fragile honor through complete conformity to social.In my present research endeavors to show why honor killing take place, the concept of honor killing, the communal aspect of honor killing,history of honor killing, and, finally, Honor Killing of Muslim Women Research Paper Honor Killings of barnweddingvt.com Honor killing dissertation proposal Philosophy natural law theory essay ut admission essay psychology research paper on dreams gender equality in sports essays adelphi admissions essay promoting good health essay essay aviation industry future durham mlac dissertation abstract essayage cuissardes vinyl writing an about me essay to your barnweddingvt.com A Pilot Study on: ‚Honour Killings We hope that this report would pave way for further in-depth research, may be on a wider scale, to vindicate its findings with more evidence as has been suggested by the author.

In the end, I would like to thank all. Honour Killing – Crime against There is paucity of research studies in this area. The networking of the police, judiciary, government, non-governmental organizations, human rights activists, sociologists, social In a joint paper, they said: "Forced marriages and honour killings are often intertwined.

Honor killing research paper

Marriage can. In my present research endeavors to show why honor killing take place, the concept of honor killing, the communal aspect of honor killing,history of honor killing, and, finally, Honor Killing of Muslim Women Research Paper Honor Killings of.

Honor crime and honor killing are violent acts against women and girls (beating, battering, or killing, for example) that are rationalized by a notion that an individual’s or family’s honor has been threatened because of the actual or perceived sexual misconduct of the barnweddingvt.com /honor-crime-and-honor-killing-essay.

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