Ceo of a garment factory

Have you reconsidered your responsibility following the catastrophe in Bangladesh? More than 1, people died when the Rana Plaza complex, with its five textile factories, collapsed in Dhaka. We have been trying to improve conditions in the textile industry for years.

Ceo of a garment factory

Reuters The garment and textile industry provides Bangladesh with much needed jobs and export earnings as foreign manufacturers have rushed to the impoverished South Asian nation to take advantage of cheap labor, low production costs and a huge eager workforce.

In recent years, however, the sub-standard, even dangerous, work conditions and low pay found in Bangladeshi garment factories have come under severe criticism from voices both within Bangladesh and in the west.

These concerns culminated in the disastrous building collapse at the Rana Plaza factory complex outside Dhaka in April which killed more than 1, people, wounded hundreds of others, and renewed calls for improved safety measures at such facilities and higher salaries for workers. Without textiles, Bangladesh, already burdened by immense poverty, would see its economy collapse.

As such, give the dire need for such jobs, for years, many western companies and Bangladeshi businessmen have conspired to cut costs by keeping wages depressed and safety almost non-existent.

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But Rana Plaza may have changed all that. Even though it's a voluntary trust fund, in our view they have an obligation to pay. Moreover, last year, more than companies that use labor in Bangladesh vowed to improve safety standards at their facilities.

Ceo of a garment factory

This fact underlines one of the dominant and perhaps surprising themes of this business: That may sound like a pittance to westerners, but her earnings grant her an independence and social freedom unknown to many of her female peers in the traditional Muslim country.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Mollah sends half of her salary to her family in the countryside, leaving her just enough to survive in Dhaka, thereby avoiding the fate of so many rural girls who get married and bear children by their mid- or late teens and endure severe restrictions in their freedom of movement.

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When I go back to my village and see my friends, they ask me, 'Can you take us with you? I make my own decisions. I can earn money and help my family. I can enjoy myself. Finding a job in a garment factory also prevents many young Bangladeshi women from the ancient but illegal practice of marrying underage.

The Times reported that an estimated 60 percent of girls in the country get married before they turn 18, the legal age. Sajeda Amin, a sociologist and demographer affiliated with the Population Council in New York, told the Times that female garment workers are not rejecting arranged marriages, rather they are simply postponing them.

They want to bear children, but at the right time," she said. In a broader context, the textile industry — which did not really even exist in Bangladesh prior to the s — has inadvertently spurred a mini-revolution of sorts in the country by prompting an exodus of poor rural women into cities, working at jobs, earning money and often becoming crucial financial providers for their families.

But they don't know that they have rights, so they cannot say anything.

12 Oct 2018

But when a woman garment worker knows her rights, she can demand them from the factory. A study by World Bank attributed this phenomenon to small land-holding sizes in the overcrowded country and falling agricultural productivity, leading to lower demand for labor.

Agency for International Development revealed that over the past decade, the workforce participation for Bangladeshi women between the ages of 20 to 24 has more than doubled coincident with the proliferation of garment factories.

Kalpona Akter, who has endured abuse and beatings herself for labor organizing, concluded that Bangladeshi women have nonetheless benefitted greatly from working in factories. They work at night, they move around the city, and make their own decisions. They support their children and their old parents in the villages.

All of this is a very positive sign for our country.El Paso's largest garment factory gets new CEO. Luis Alvarez brings 35 years of manufacturing expertise from running plants in Mexico and as Lancer Corp., president in San Antonio.

CEO of a GARMENT FACTORY Preface One of the popular Chinese sayings in the garment manufacturing industry stated, "If you dislike someone, try to persuade him to engage in the garment industry as retribution.”.

In case own factory capacity is less than required one, he transfers orders to other factories for job work. Technical setting of the garment: For the reduction of making cost and production friendly samples, he changes technical setting of the garment.

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Ceo of a garment factory

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