Avoiding fast food

Share on Pinterest Bacon contains high levels of sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure.

Avoiding fast food

With an eye on the food allergy community as a unique group of consumers sincewe're on a quest to find and share ways to continue enjoying the good things in life. After reviewing their website, and speaking to customer service, the kids meal with "Chicken Crowns" sounded like a safe bet.

Peanuts and tree nuts were possible cross-contaminants in only three individually packaged items that would be opened by a customer upon purchase--not Burger King. Since the cross-contamination potential was so limited and even contained, we decided it would be okay.

I confess, however, that I sat and and observed my child eating, and watched for any sign of a reaction. Everything turned out fine. Keep in mind, we have not eaten fast food in well over a year!

This usually picky eater--who almost never finishes his plate--methodically ate Avoiding fast food 5 "Chicken Crowns". It was, in fact, such a happy occasion, that it was one of the first memories of his car trip which he shared with Grandma upon his return home.

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I am glad that my younger child enjoyed this "treat", but it was an educational experience for me as a parent of a food allergic child. I have never been a big fan of fast food, and since the peanut allergy diagnosis, we very rarely eat at restaurants.

I was surprised that the Burger King website gives the level of detail it does. In addition to addressing the top 8 food allergens as ingredients, the website indicates the potential for cross-contamination at the restaurant and also at the manufacturing facility.

Wouldn't it be great if all restaurants and food manufacturers gave that kind of detail? Wendy's website gives fairly complete information, indicating both the allergen as an ingredient and as a cross-contaminant at the restaurant.

Avoiding fast food

They also have symbols to designate if an item contains tree nut or peanut allergens. In the online food allergy discussion groups, I frequently observe inquiries from those new to life with food allergies about whether a fast food restaurant or other food establishment is "safe" or not.

Everyone has a different comfort level. I think you have to go with your gut instinct. When we do eat out, I read what I can find on the websites and then I make a telephone call. If I don't like what I read on the website, or what I hear on the phone, we don't eat there.

Avoiding fast food

And if I do not like what I witness in person, I will not hesitate to get up and leave. All we can do is ask the right questions, use our best judgement, and always, always carry that epipen!Noone said fast food will kill you if you have it from time to time, just don’t replace your daily meals with it and you’ll be ok.

avoid fast food fast food how to stay healthy junk food Post navigation. Fast food lovers will be surprised to see what their favorites were like when they opened, and how they grew — though some have remained astonishingly true to their roots dating back decades. Expert Reviewed.

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods. Two Methods: Shopping for Food Identifying Foods Most Likely to Contain GMOs Community Q&A Foods are often genetically modified to make them more resistant to disease, improve their nutritional value, or increase their ability to grow in different climate conditions.

Apr 25,  · Yet eating a single meal at a fast food restaurant, such as a burger, fries and a soft drink, can have more than 2, calories. Not surprisingly, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in found that consumption of ready-made meals, including meals from fast food restaurants, increased the risk for obesity.

The below infographic takes a look at the top fast food restaurants on social media. Burger King has seen the fasted growth on Facebook by %. Find out how I built my little blog from zero to over 1 million monthly visitors in less than 18 months.

Dec 11,  · Ways to decrease junk food consumption would be the next time when you are rummaging through your refrigerator stop and choose the vegetable section. Pick a banana, or apple. Or leave junk food off-limits until special days or weekends.

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